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Three people meet in an elevator which malfunctions, and their lives change forever. Fay takes on the story of three lives intertwined by chance. Harrison, Molly, and Anka meet when an elevator stalls out at a luxury apartment building where hedge fund manager Harrison works, call girl Molly has an appointment, and model Anka has a shoot. A deep bond arises from the hours they spend together, particularly between the two women.


After they all escape, Harrison and Anka begin a romance, while Molly deals with the fallout of her longtime affair with a local politician and contends with a tragedy that threatens to break her heart. Molly and Anka remain close, even as drugs pull Anka away from Harrison and his own ego blocks his ability to become intimate with anyone. Though Harrison, Anka, and Molly drift closer together and farther apart as the novel progresses, they never leave one another’s lives. Each has demons to handle, from addiction to manslaughter to a kidnapped child, but they always circle back to meet one another in some way.

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Detoured Lives is a character; driven story about four women friends, whose devotion to one another provides support and endurance. Twists of fate and liaisons unfurl in late night calls and conversations.
The protagonists are Sandy Green, a woman of power and determination to succeed in business; Judy Bennet, a woman who is addicted to alcohol and has endured abuse; Diane Barnes, who is unlucky in love and who also seeks a lost twin brother; and Maggie Marsh, whose only son commits suicide forcing her to turn her life to survive.
This novella, filled with romantic tension and suspense, will appeal to women of all ages.

Love, murder, passion and death create suspenseful reading.
The stories in Detoured Lives have the power of participation from the reader, and will appeal to mainstream women readers, hopeless romantics, as well as those who enjoy good story.

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