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The Adventures of Duncan And His Duffel Bag in Talkatoo Cavern
          Duncan is a seven-year-old boy, delighted by the sense of adventure and freedom offered to him by his new bicycle. One day while riding his bicycle to school, he is transported to an enchanted world where he meets new friends. Enter Talkatoo Cavern, a mysterious and beautiful place inhabited by talking animals. Duncan is faced with the challenge of trying to get back home and to accomplish this task; he will need the help of his newfound friends. It is here that Duncan learns the values of courage, respect and most importantly, friendship.This black and white book filled with illustrations that are encouraged to be coulored in by the children is the first story in the Duncan series. This is where Duncan falls into the ravine and first meets, Wally-the-Walligator, Blue Footed Boobie, Angora the Angry Cat and the Wizard. Children and adults are delighted by this adventure and the outcome which sets the Duncan stories for the future.


"The author transfers feelings of excitement about Duncan's adventurous journey into a mysterious land. A must read for any young reader." --Joyce Rosa, Ph.D.,

Assistant Dean of Fine Arts, C.W. Post College of LIU

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The Adventures Of Duncan And His Duffel Bag,

A Collection Of Seven Short Stories

            A captivating group of adventure stories about a boy named Duncan and His Duffel Bag. Acclaimed author Trude Brooks teaches children about developing friendships with animals, adjusting to new situations, dealing with issues that arise. She takes the reader to mysterious far away lands to experience new, magical, and exciting adventures in such places as Talkatoo Cavern a most beautiful and fanciful land where animals talk and need to do good deeds to earn their voices; Damanhur, Italy; Coober Pedy, Australia to name a few. Duncan is a boy who meets Wally-the-Walligator, Blue Footed Boobie, and Angora The-Angry-Cat. They become his loyal friends and often travel with him through dangerous places. Wherever Duncan goes he meets new characters, and they have a special mission to accomplish. His friends the Top-Notch Hot Shots are musicians who play music in an old Sequia tree. 

Duncan's Magical Adventures

            Book Two in the continuing Duncan Adventure Series has seven more enchanting stories about this little boy who is available to help his friends the animals. He sets up places for old, sick, and alone, animals to be cared for in the SAVE EACH OTHER compound. The Top Notch Hot Shots, help him along the way in daring episodes and Duncan uses his Crystal Ball. The stories are easy reads and children of all ages love the stores.                 

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